Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello again,

Thanks for looking in on my blog once more.  After looking at the pictures on my monitor, I can tell there are a few spots that require some touch-up airbrushing. You may not be able to see them, but I can (trust me).  This project has been a been a while in the making, so I am delighted that progress is finally being made.

The wing leading edge had previously been painted yellow before masking.  This was a recognition feature of RAF Day Fighters in North West Europe during World War 2, as was the “Sky” colored band around the rear fuselage; on the actual fighter aircraft these bands were 18 inches wide, so the mask had to be carefully measured.  With the masks off, these features stand out and really help the model look like it is nearing completion.

The other item that is often represented as decals but seldom look very good, are the walkway lines on the wing upper surface.  I cut strips of Tamiya tape on glass with a sharp No. 11 Xacto blade, guided by a steel straight edge. I placed these next to where the walkway lines go, and then added more 3M yellow tape along the masked area.  I was able to spray a thin airbrushed line of Tamiya XF-69 “NATO” Black.  When the masks were lifted, I had an even, sharp walkway line of consistent width. 

Some artwork would have you believe that these lines were painted over the Dull Red and Dull Insignia Blue roundels on the wing, but I am not buying that. I will place my decals on top of the painted lines.

As stated earlier, there is just a small amount of touch up to address, but I am satisfied at how the project has come together thus far.  I hope in the next week or so to start putting a coat of clear gloss finish on the model, in preparation for placing the decals into position.  

Until then, be safe and happy modeling!


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