Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello Spitfire fans,

Here is my First Spitfire update of the New Year.  Similar to my earlier e-mail format, I am now experimenting with being a blogger.  The learning curve is steep and formidable, but I am ably assisted my my friend Michael Scott with entering the blogosphere. 

The adventure in 1/32 scale continues with the airframe exterior: The Spitfire’s Merlin engine is in place, but I decided I wanted to shoot a coat of primer on the model when I realized I needed to mask off the engine.  Next, the canopy windscreen and rear sections were attached, and with the main cockpit opening stuffed, I painted the frames with RAF interior grey-green.

The 20mm Hispano Cannon Barrels seen here, are the turned brass items from Master Crafters and they are gems.  They have been super-glued in place here, along with the brass “plugs” that cover the “C” Wing second cannon position.  All this brass work will be covered in a coat of primer before the main exterior painting starts (soon, I hope).  It almost seems a shame though, as you have to see the brass items up close top appreciate what a great job Master Crafters did on these. Just lovely.

The prop hub components are shown next, all suitably painted with a little “Detailer” water based black ink applied, to make the aluminum paint look more like real metal items.